KGHS’ Kádúyı́le Program provides hopeful and supportive programming for men, women, and families.

Kádúyı́le Men’s Home

The Kádúyı́le Men’s Transition Home is a four bedroom house with shared living spaces that include a kitchen, study area, laundry facilities, lounge, dining room, two washrooms, and an office space for staff. Residents contribute to house chores, including cleaning and group meals. The bedrooms are private spaces. The Home opened in January 2021.

A resident may live in the home for up to three years (with some exceptions depending on housing availability), during which time he will develop a Personal Plan with the Home Coordinator that will include resident-identified goals and objectives.

Those who live in the home must:

  • Be male, willing to live alone (without partner if one exists).
  • Be 19 years or older.
  • Be willing and prepared to live in a sober home.
  • Be willing to sign and abide by the Home rules for shared living.
  • Agree to disclose details of criminal history, if a criminal history exists.
  • Not pose a threat to self or others.

Kádúyı́le Home is a safe and sober space. Residents who continue to bring alcohol or illegal drugs into the home, or who demonstrate violent and/or abusive behaviour, will be asked to leave the Home. The Home is not meant to be an addiction treatment centre; it is designed to support residents who either do not have a history of addiction issues, or have already addressed any acute addiction issues through clinically supported treatment (including detox).

Residents may be encouraged to participate in programming that includes:

  • On-the-land camps and activities, particularly harvesting and food sharing
  • Language learning and storytelling with Elders
  • Traditional skill learning with Elders
  • Additional wellness programming

The Home Coordinator works with partners to try to secure employment opportunities for interested residents. Kádúyı́le Home residents will work with the Home Coordinator to determine how much rent they owe each month based on their income from the previous month. The Housing Society has incentives in place for residents to work because we want to support men to be successful in their employment.

For more information, see:

Kádúyı́le Independent Affordable Rental Units

In phase II of the Kádúyı́le Program, at least two of six new units will be available for affordable rental. KGHS will be shipping in six modular homes to be available for various needs in the community. Residents of the affordable units will be able to access support from the Kádúyíle Supported Living Program. Rent for the independent affordable rental units will be geared to income and will be set at 30% of gross household income. The homes are expected to arrive in the community on the 2024 summer barge. If the barges are unable to travel due to low water levels, they will travel on the 2025 winter road.