Brian Davidson

Executive Director

After earning a college diploma in Ontario and a business degree in Alberta, Brian moved to the NWT to begin a 30 year career working with the Sahtu Indigenous communities. First, as an Economic Development Officer in Fort Good Hope and then, in Deline as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director of the Sahtu Regional Land Claim and Regional Tribal Council. After moving from Deline and having the pleasure of getting to know people from all over the Sahtu, Brian spent the next 10 years consulting with the Indigenous organizations and businesses throughout the Sahtu.

Wanda Grandjambe

Senior Manager

Wanda has held the position of Senior Manager at KGHS since August 2020. In the absence of an Executive Director, Wanda is responsible for operations management and community relations, administration and financial management, and human resource management. Prior to her work at KGHS, she was the Acting SAO for the Band office from 2019-2020, and was the daycare manager for many years before this.

Arthur Tobac

Business Manager, Ne'Rahten Development Ltd.

Arthur works at NDL, and provides continued support to operations and programs at KGHS. He has been with NDL since 2012. Prior to working here, he was the K’asho Got’ine Dene Band Chief from 2009-2011. He held the position as both vice-president and president of the Yamoga Land Corporation from 2004 – 2008, and is a certified journeyman Home Maintainer, having worked for Housing NWT (formerly the NWT Housing Corporation) in this role.

Brenda T'Seleie-Pierrot

Programs Coordinator

Brenda T'Seleie-Pierrot works part-time at KGHS as Programs Coordinator. In this role she oversees the Kaduyile Men's Home and also runs community programs in partnership with other local organizations. Outside of the position at KGHS, Brenda is active in the community as a volunteer and also works at the YWCA NWT managing the local safe home for women and children.

Cecile Tobac

Finance Manager, Ne'Rahten Development Ltd.

Cecile is a certified Finance Officer, and has been with NDL since 2010. Prior to this, she worked for the Yamoga Land Corporation for 7 years. Cecile works closely with KGHS, having completed the financial duties of the organization for a year in 2019 when the position was vacant, and continues to support KGHS when needed.

Interagency Committee

KGHS facilitates meetings of the Fort Good Hope Interagency Committee consisting of members from local service agencies and community groups who provide services related to housing. We facilitate a few subcommittees including the Kádúyíle Advisory Committee and the Women’s and Children’s Safe Home Advisory Committee. Membership is flexible, but some of the key members include staff at Victim Services, Mental Health and Addictions, Aurora College, the Local Housing Organization (LHO), Wellness, Youth and Elder Program, and more. Elders and youth are also invited to join.

These subcommittees are involved in the ongoing development of KGHS activities and programming to ensure there are high quality services and to avoid duplication of efforts in our community. The subcommittees make recommendations for programs that go before the Board. For example, the a subcommittee helps to determine the staff positions and job descriptions at the organization.

Input from the Kádúyíle Advisory Committee is essential for guiding the direction and programming of the Kádúyı́le Men’s Home. They plays a role in the decision process for who is eligible to live in the Kádúyı́le Home; if there are rooms available in the Home and applications to review, the Committee comes together to review whether applicants will be a good fit for the Home.

Other Partners

The K’ásho Got’ı̨nę Housing Society works closely with other partners in the community, territory, and country.

Ne’Rahten Development Ltd. (NDL)
KGHS works closely with NDL for many projects. NDL is the community economic development / business arm of the Yamoga Land Corporation. Through NDL, KGHS staff and leadership work to build capacity to expand their construction programs. One of the goals and objectives of KGHS is to continuously construct new homes in Fort Good Hope to meet the needs and demands of the community. A recent partnership with NDL will promote capacity building in the community by offering pre-apprenticeship programming to residents of Fort Good Hope. Having the skills to build homes and fix existing housing issues within the community will reduce costs to bring in skilled tradespeople and will keep more money within the community. NDL offers contract positions and one permanent position in maintenance and construction.

Housing NWT
Housing NWT (formerly Northwest Territories Housing Corporation) provides ongoing, multi-year support to KGHS for the operations of the Kádúyı́le Transition Home. Through their Northern Pathways to Housing Program, Housing NWT provides ongoing support to the regular operations and improvements of the Home. Housing NWT also provides an annual contribution to KGHSs repair and maintenance program.

Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT)
KGHS partners with the GNWT in various ways. The GNWT typically provides funding annually through the Healthy Choices Fund and the Anti-Poverty Fund, and the Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) supports the ongoing training needs of staff. ECE also runs the income support program, and KGHS has been working with them to understand how income support payments can ensure the financial sustainability of the transition home’s programs.

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)
A financial contributor to KGHS projects, ESDC is a reliable partner that has supported the organization through its nation-wide Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy, as well as the STAR program.

PlanIt North
PlanIt North, a community planning firm based out of Yellowknife, NWT, supports KGHS in various activities including partnership development, human resource support, project management, and administrative support.

Aurora College
The residents living at the Kádúyı́le Transition Home may be encouraged to enroll in Fort Good Hope’s Aurora College centre for academic upgrading, if this aligns with their Personal Plan. The resident, Kádúyı́le staff, and the Aurora College Adult Educator will collaborate to help access any required funds for pursuing education. KGHS has also partnered with Aurora College for the delivery of local trades courses through their ‘Strengthening the Construction Sector in the Sahtú’ project.

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)
Indigenous Services Canada has provided seed funding support for the Kádúyı́le program, as well as overall administrative support. This has been key to the planning stages and initial years of operation. ISC also provided support through its Indigenous Homes Innovation Initiative (IHII) program. The IHII program set the foundation for KGHSs repair and maintenance program.

Memorial University
KGHS has a partnership with Dr. Julia Christensen who holds a SSHRC Canada Research Chair in Northern Governance and Public Policy. Originally from Yellowknife, her research focuses on northern housing and homelessness issues.

Fort Good Hope Charter Community
KGHS has been working closely with the Charter Community staff and leadership to ensure that residents of the Transition Home, as well as other residents who access KGHS programs, have access to effective integrated care and supportive programming.