The K’asho Got’ı̨nę Housing Society has seen many successes since it was incorporated in 2016. The organization is now well into its action plan outlined in the K’asho Got’ı̨nę Housing Society Strategic Plan and Action Plan 2020-2025. The Kádúyı́le Men’s Home was successfully opened and in operation since January 2021, and the organization has secured the resources necessary to build 3 new duplex units in the community, with a total of 10 bedrooms, as well as begin a pre-apprenticeship training program to improve the trades capacity of residents in Fort Good Hope.

Fort Good Hope is home to resilient people who continue to work hard to improve the community, persevering through the pandemic and other ongoing challenges that impact housing for residents. Safe and affordable housing for all residents of Fort Good Hope is a priority of the organization. As is noted in the 5-year Plan:

“The significant housing issues in Fort Good Hope are a clear and continuing legacy of Canada’s colonial history. Intergenerational trauma, addictions and domestic violence are inter-related factors that both drive homelessness and are perpetuated by it. Fort Good Hope residents have clearly articulated that housing needs in Fort Good Hope cannot be adequately addressed by focusing on shelter only. KGHS envisions developing programs that recognize and address not only shelter needs but the factors underlying homelessness; focusing on connecting community, supporting cultural resurgence and facilitating individual agency.”

I look forward to the continued work of the KGHS staff and partners in reaching the goals set out in the 5-year plan, and ultimately reaching the goals set out for long term. I am proud of the work that has been done by the organization thus far, and am excited to provide leadership as the President of the Board, and to oversee the ongoing and new projects and activities of the Housing Society.


Acting Chief Lucy Jackson
Chief of Fort Good Hope

The Board of Directors of the K’asho Got’ı̨nę Housing Society consists of members of Chief and Council. The current Directors are:

  • Acting Chief Lucy Jackson
  • Beverly Masuzumi
  • Collin Pierrot
  • Rose McNeely
  • Joseph Tobac