The K’asho Got’ı̨nę Housing Society enables  the residents of Rádeyı̨lı̨ Kǫ́ (Fort Good Hope)  to live in and maintain safe, affordable homes. The Society delivers programs to address housing issues holistically, facilitating individuals to secure homes and also to develop the skills, self-esteem, and resilience needed to maintain their homes as nurturing environments for themselves and their families.

Transition Home

Provides safe, affordable housing options for individuals, supported by integrated case management and programming.

Pre-Apprenticeship  Support

Addresses challenges and barriers to successful trades training, and helps residents develop the skills needed to complete home repair.

Home Repair and Maintenance

Helps community members access support and funding for home repairs and maintenance.

Reconnecting Our People

Addressing housing in our community will mean reconnecting our people to help ensure all of our community members feel safe and confident. This will help to strengthen community ties, and our traditional Dene way of life.

We want all residents to live in safe and affordable housing

The K’asho Got’ı̨nę Housing Society works closely with Ne’Rahten Development Ltd. (NDL) for many housing projects. KGHS contracts the NDL Construction Crew to complete emergency and preventative repairs and maintenance on homes in Fort Good Hope.


Ottawa announces 29 new homes for three NWT communities

“These new units are a step towards achieving our self-sufficiency for housing. They demonstrate what an Indigenous housing non-profit is able to achieve to support our members and their goals.” said Chief Tommy Kakfwi, of the Fort Good Hope Dene Band and Chair of the Board K’asho Got’ine Housing Society.”
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Fort Good Hope housing group wins national award

“We are on the path to self-government in Fort Good Hope. As part of this journey, we are working toward being in control of our own housing and promoting responsible home ownership.” Arthur Tobac
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